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Crypto wallet that pay to HODLare on the rise. Some of them claim to do crypto arbitrage trading, but only a few of them really do.

The pioneer amongst those crypto wallets is PlusToken that launched back in April 2018 with a token price of 0,40 USD. Meanwhile, the PlusToken price is beyond 75 USD. Source:

Many competitive wallets are trying to repeat the success of PlusToken. But only one really sticks out.

Cloud Token


Why is CloudToken the best paying crypto wallet on the market?

As far as the earning potential, CloudToken clearly offers a way bigger opportunity than PlusToken for example. Purely because the price of the CTO token is at a very low 0,30 USD. It’s hard to believe that PlusToken can grow by another 1900% after going from 0,40 USD to 76,65 USD (status 03.05.2019).

CloudToken launched in April 2019 and it’s addressing all the paint points most of the competitors have:

  • Transparency
  • Technical support

Transparency – Trading proofs

As far as transparency is concerned, there are several things to mention. Investor’s are naturally wanting to know how the company is generating profits to pay the returns it has committed to.

Most of the competitors have failed to demonstrate that. CloudToken is very transparent and shows all buy, sell and HODL orders in the order history in the app.


B = buy

S = sell


You can verify all order IDs on the various exchanges. A skeptical mind would immediately ask: do those orders really belong to CloudToken? They could have used someone else’s IDs to fake trading.

Well, take some time to track those IDs and you will realize that they go back to one main trading wallet. And then compare that address with the address your funds are routing to. Bingo! Same wallet!

Transparency – Technology behind

Ronald Aai is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) behind Cloud Token. He also has the technical responsibility for Bit Beta, a company that develops the 4th Generation Blockchain. So, you can tell that there is some Blockchain expertise involved.



Ronald Aai has been very transparent with us. He has revealed the technology and the trading strategy behind JARVIS AIJARVIS AI is the trading bot that generates from 6% to 12% monthly profits for CloudToken investors.

The trading strategy behind JARVIS AI is called VAROOMVAROOM stands for Velocity & Acceleration Realistically Operating On Money and was developed by a math professor from Singapore.


Just like a Lamborghini going “VROOM!”, the markets move in a certain direction with some speed, and that is called “velocity”. When it speeds up, it is called “acceleration”. However, financial markets are noisy. The noise needs to be filtered out, for example, with an Exponential Moving Average, or some other kind of filter. You can read all about the VAROOM algorithm in this article.

And this is not just words.


Technical Support

Another big differentiating factor will be the technical support. Most of the competitors have failed to provide professional technical support service to its users. It has been a big pain point since people had to report their issues up the ladder through their sponsors.

CloudToken is putting together a team of Customer Support experts who will stand in front of the Bangkok attendees on stage and introduce themselves.

We hope, this helped you understand what differentiates CloudToken from other wallets.

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Happy earnings!


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