7 Steps To Your Social Medias Marketing Strategy

In this article I want to list the components that are especially necessary when carrying social media marketing strategy and that will make this very successful from day one.



Identify your Objectives

Every Social Medias Strategy needs to have clear objectives. Without clear objectives, you simply cannot move forward.

You have to look carefully at the needs of your brand or business and decide how social medias will help meet those needs in order to work around that.

There are different types of objectives you can have for example: Make the brand known, retain customers, act as a customer service channel, get visits to your website or get new customers.

Our recommendation would be that you start with one or two primary objectives and list the secondary ones. Once we already know how to get the first ones we will advance in the others.


Identify your potential customers

For example, you may have seen accounts that have followers but do not get good interaction with them. Good this usually happens because these are not connected with the content of the brand or business.

We must try to get potential customers and make the effort to connect with an audience that is interested in our market. This would be that we must first identify our target market. Who are the people who can reach that goal of ours? They are men? Women? Young, Not so young? Married? Singles? In what country or region are they located? What do you like? What habits do they have? What kind of income do they have? They work? Do they have problems? Once we have all of our identified public potential, we will try to create a specific strategy for this audience that will follow us and accompany us in the medias.

This is a very important point that no one can imagine how many people fail in their Social Media Marketing Strategy because they already start defining their target audience incorrectly.

Now that we have this determined, we must know that if we do not give them what they are expecting from us, we will have that problem of lack of interaction. Satisfying this audience and achieving our goals here is easier than we think. This is like love if I go looking for anyone to marry I will probably never get it and I will remain single you cannot force someone to endure all kinds of things that do not interest you and likes to irritate you, you have to look for the average orange they can make rare mixtures.


Study your Competition

Keeping track of your competition not only keeps you up to date with what they are doing, it also gives you an idea of ​​what works for them and can help you apply it to your own strategy.

Make a small list of who is your competition, do not want to study at all, start little by little and go incorporating things little by little. See what social medias are using and study their content strategy. Look at the number of fans and followers they have and their ways of making publications. See what kind of publications they have also and how their fans interact.

Our Recommendation: Pay close attention to the interaction that your competition has, since here you will see what works for them and they will also detect those that do not work for them. Discovering the mistakes you can avoid them from the beginning.



Study what Social Medias are for You

Many companies or brands simply create and use all social medias without making a prior study of what would be the best and most appropriate for your business. This is a big waste of time because, unless you have a large budget to hire different community managers regardless of the losses, you would be wasting time in the wrong places. Not all social medias are the same and your target market does not act or is in all equally. You must determine which is the best social media for your business and for your objectives.

For example, if you already know that your customers spend most of their time on Facebook and much less on twitter, you should consider Facebook as the primary media for your strategies. It will depend on that target market to know where you will move and study where they are so it is necessary not to skip the steps of the strategy.


Create a Content Strategy within your Marketing Strategy in Social Medias

The contents and social medias have a close relationship. From our social media accounts we must share interesting content for our target audience. We cannot share anything as we discussed before. We should not sin of inexperienced and simply fine-tune our social media channels and start publishing right and left. Not all content is valid, not every form of publishing works and publishing at any time will not work either.

Within a marketing strategy in Social Medias should be a specific content strategy, choose which is the best content for the target audience, and see what they would like to see more of them? Make a weekly calendar and plan what will be shared if articles, our own blog, images, videos, how many will be the publications intended for advertising, we will endless possibilities. All this must be well organized and planned. We must also think about what time it suits us to publish, at all times? in the morning? Afternoon? during working hours? early in the morning? Because at dawn if we all sleep! thinking about the behavior of people will lead us to have successful strategies!

Our Recommendation is Obvious Do not start publishing until you know what they are going to share and at what time this is something basic in a marketing strategy in Social Medias. Do not lose this valuable opportunity so you will get better interaction, they will get them to share their content and get new followers. A none we liked when we were kids dance with the ugliest (I ugly duckling young lady was) good either we like social profiles they have no interaction, not see them as successful and ignore them. If users get used too little interaction it will be difficult to overcome that situation and it will cost us a lot to reverse this.


Assign a Budget

Social Medias does not mean Free! A media strategy does not mean that it should be free; everything has its cost and its budget. Having a Community Manager will take your budget, what does your worker do already? It is also a true budget? Or your time is free for you? What are you going to do? And your time is worth nothing? Well, this is the first expense you’re going to have so you should start by knowing that this is already an expense.

In addition to this expense you must incorporate the payment of different management and measurement softwares and other tools. Many people do not want to use them. According to them if Facebook and twitter are free as they are going to pay for software. The software will streamline the work and help you measure better. There are tools that allow you to manage medias in half the time or less then for example, you pay 20 dollars a month for a management tool and you will achieve that you reduce your work from 2 hours a day to 1 at the end of the month. This represents at least 20 hours of work that you surely save that your work 20hs is worth more than 20 dollars or I’m wrong. On the other hand the measurement tools will save you time when measuring and you will see clearly what works and what not to be able to count clicks, how many people see the posts, schedules and others, here you will also save money. Anyway. Assign budget to your media strategy so you can also see if how many of these goals that have been met have been profitable compared to the budget assigned.


Measure and Modify

Now that you have launched your social media strategy, the measurement will be important to determine the success of it. As we mentioned before, use measurement tools to be able to ensure a better picture of what has happened. Identify your values ​​to follow and make reports on the performance of each publication, the interaction, which are the best publication schedules, which you liked, which has gone unnoticed.

When you are clear about all this, start looking for the errors and modify them. Compare them with your moments of success and try that the next time they are more triumphs than defeats. This is the moment in which you will be able to fulfill even more objectives and here you will see the importance of all the previous points. If you do not have the other 6 clear points you cannot understand what you do right or wrong and you will not be able to improve your campaigns and you will probably never realize the importance of social medias.

Now is your turn!



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